Buyer Introduction:

Founded in 2008, China B-TO-B Holdings Limited (Trade2CN) is a leading third-party E-Commerce service provider, and has been providing reliable and efficient trade matching services for SMEs from both home and abroad. Since 2014, Trade2CN expanded its business to cross-border import & export eMarketplace. Trade2CN’s International Import Marketplace echoes the “Internet Plus” strategy and integrates online B2B2C (Business-to-Business-to-Consumer) platform with offline commodity showroom & direct selling center in metropolitan cities, providing Chinese consumers with the most reliable and convenient one-stop shopping experiences for 100% genuine imported consumer goods at an incredible competitive price.

Buyer is looking for:

1. Manufacturers, general agents and distributors of overseas consumer goods.
2. Industrial associations, national/regional chamber of commerce, trade organizations that are
interested in promoting high-quality products to China consumer market.

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Product Category Product Name
Snack Foods Puffed food (chips, french fries, prawn crackers, popcorn, etc)
Biscuit and cake (original, sandwich, puffed, etc.)
Candy, chocolate, jelly (Chewing gum, Energy bars, hard candies, etc.)
Dried fruit, fruit chips, fruit snacks, jams, etc.
Nuts (almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, cashews, etc.)
Fast food (packaged noodles, cup noodles, instant rice, etc.)
Deli/packaged meat (cooked ham, sausage, sausage, meat jerky)
Drinks & Beverages Drinking water (purified water, mineral water, sparkling water, etc.)
Soda (Sprite, CocaCola, Pepsi, Fanda, Seven Up, etc.)
Milk beverage (boxed milk, soymilk, flavored milk,etc.)
Juice (apple, orange, coconut, mixed; in box or in bottle)
Energy drinks (red bull, Rockstar, Gatorade, vatamins, etc)
Instant Drinks (Coffee, milk tea, tea drinks, honey, etc)
Red wine
White wine
Icewine, sparkling wine, champagne, cocktail
Liquors & spirits (whisky, vodka, rum, Japanese sake, Korean soju etc.)
Beer (stout, brown ale, pilsner/ in can, bottle or barrel)
Grain & Oil Rice (Spanish/Japanese rice)
Oil(rapeseed oil, olive oil, walnut oil, etc)
Flour, bread flour, corn meal, crumbs, etc
Pasta (spaghetti, penne, cavatappi, lasagna, alfredo, macaroni, etc.)
Oatmeal, cereals, rice flour, etc
Bread (sliced bread, sandwich, croissant etc.)
Seasonings (tomato sauce, barbecue sauce, curry powder, chili powder, etc.)
Canned food(vegetables, olives, tuna, salmon, fast food etc.)
Baby & Maternity Infant formula ( for newborns, toddlers, from Japan, Germany, Australia, etc)
Diapers (newborn, half year old, Lala pants etc.)
Infant food, snacks,supplementary food, etc
milk bottles, nipples, pacifiers, baby tableware, etc.
baby & infant suits (Crawling clothes, cool shirts,etc.)
books, toys, baby dinner chair,children's safety seats,etc.
Personal care Skin care (facial cleanser,face cream,face mask,body lotions,etc.)
Hair care products (shampoo, conditioner, gel, hair dye, etc)
Razor, shaving cream/foam, aftershave lotion, etc.
Oral care (toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss, etc.)
Toilet paper, sanitary napkins, tissues, sanitary pad, panty liner, etc.
Medical and health products (eyedrop, bandage, foot patch, nasal wash)
Healthcare Nutritions (fish oil, vitamins, calcium, milk powder, folic acid etc.)
Healthcare home appliances (blood pressure meter, thermometer, etc.)
Healthcare devices (beauty instrument, massage chairs, etc.)
Pet Products Pet food (cat food, dog food, snacks,nourishment, etc.)
Pet toys (premolar stick, chewing gum, knitting ball etc.)
Pet Beauty care (shampoo,insecticide, nail scissors, needle comb, etc.)
Pet training products (food bowl, feeder, chain, cotton pad, litter etc.)
Pet clothing (vest, cartoon clothing, shoes, etc.)
Household Bath products (bath towels, slippers, bath mat, soap stand,etc.)
Bath products (bath towels, slippers, bath mat, soap stand,etc.)
Cleaning supplies (washing powder, laundry detergent, soft, fresh agent, etc.)
kitchen appliance ( pot, frying pan,chopsticks, forks, knives, etc.)
Home appliances (Electrical humidifier, purifier, juicer, vacuum cleaner, etc)
Creative household items (candles, paper towel rack, coasters, decors, etc.)
Apparel & Luggage,bags Accessories (Hats, caps, scarves, gloves, etc.)
Socks (pantihose, stockings, sports socks, yoga socks, etc.)
Underwears, bras, sports bras, shapers, pajamas, etc
Shoes (sports shoes, high heels, casual shoes, canvas shoes, etc)
Clothing (coat, down jacket, casual wear, polo shirt, jeans, etc.)
Luggage (carryons, suitcases, computer bags, backpacks, purses, etc.)
Others Stationery (pencil, eraser, notebook, learning machine, etc.)
Outdoor products (camp tents, kitchen utensils, fishing gears, etc.)
Vehicle supplies (fragrance, cushions, pillows, ornaments, etc.)
Toys (plush toys, puzzles, children's cars, tricycles, etc.)

Requirements for Merchants and Products:

1. Daily consumption goods that are allowed by Chinese government for importation: clothing and accessories, bedding & bath, baby & maternity, food & beverage, health & beauty, sports & outdoors, gifts& toys, kitchen ware, home appliances and digital products in fashion, etc.
2. Merchants must provide required documents for China customs declaration and clearance: certificate of origin, product description, packing specification, trademark license, and dealership authorization.
3. Reliable and stable supply of high-quality genuine products for China International Import Marketplace.

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